Sarah Palin Praises Rick Santorum For His Ideological Consistency

    Many conservatives really wanted Sarah Palin to make a run for the GOP nomination, wanted her to challenge Obama in the general election, so when she decided not to run we were disappointed. She is an outsider who is willing to take on the establishment.  As an outsider and as a person who we trusted enough to want her to run for the presidency shouldn't we trust her insight and the opinions she has of the various political candidates?  Sarah Palin praised Rick Santorum on Hannity last night. I know that Rick is a long shot in the GOP field of candidates but he has never wavered in his beliefs and is a principled individual.  I am not saying that he is the perfect candidate. No one is perfect.  There is no perfect candidate but Rick is a guy who believes in liberty, freedom, American exceptionalism, the sanctity of life, morality, proper role of the tenth amendment, that there is no right to do wrong, and that family comes first.  He has great knowledge in foreign policy and his economic plan which promotes manufacturing jobs, jobs for the middle class, would give our economy a huge boost.  I just hope that you would give Rick Santorum a second look. 

    “If voters start shifting gears and deciding they want ideological consistency, then they’re going to start paying attention to say, Rick Santorum.”

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