Democrats Protect Pedophiles in Hate Speech Bill

    Here is a video of Republican Rep. Steve King introducing an exemption so that pedophiles will not be covered under Hate Crimes Bill but the Democrats decided to vote NO and protect pedophiles. In the same video Republicans requested that Veterans be added and protected by the hate crimes legislation but Democrats also voted NO. So the Democrats have chosen to protect pedophiles but not our military veterans. Does this make sense to you? Let's make sure every Representative is known by name across the U.S. that they support pedophiles but not the military. We, as Americans need to hold our public officials accountable. If Obama signs this piece of legislation how can he say that he is for protecting our children? He is in effect throwing our most precious, innocent children to these predators who will have protection under the law. Our children need a voice and they need to be protected, not the criminals.

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