We The People Have Spoken

    Yesterday all across the country we the people spoke and loud and clear with our votes and repudiated Obama’s big government policies. There was a tidal wave which ousted Democrats who voted for initiatives that were diametrically opposed to the will of the people. In my state of Pennsylvania we voted in Pat Toomey to the Senate and Tom Corbett as our next governor. There were many great wins across the United States including Marco Rubio in Florida, Kirk who was elected to Obama’s old senate seat in Illinois, Rand Paul in Kentucky, Lt. Col. Allen West in Florida, and Nikki Haley in South Carolina. We ousted quite a few who were past due retiring such as Rep. Dingle, Sen. Feingold, Rep. Grayson, and Rep. Pomeroy. Unfortunately, there were some losses in California, in the land of liberal loons. These people who voted for Boxer and Brown must be enamored with higher taxes, less opportunities, high debt, and high unemployment to elect Jerry Brown and re-elect Ma’am Boxer. It is highly disappointing that Nevadans would vote for Harry Reid who single handedly has destroyed Nevada’s economy. Both the Tea Party and the GOP must now begin working to repair the damage that Obama’s radical policies have caused America. This is a time for hope, for optimism, for there were many constitutional loving Americans who were elected last night who will help this country get back on track. God Bless America!Source URL: http://outlawrepublican.blogspot.com/2010/11/we-people-have-spoken.html
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