The Farce of Peggy Noonan as a Conservative

    This is my response to a cruel article on Sarah Palin by Peggy Noonan. She had supportive and positive words regarding the possibility of an Obama administration. Since she displayed positive words of support for Obama, how conservative could she really be?

    Peggy Noonan’s roots are firmly grounded in and around New York City. She was raised in one of the most elitist and liberal cities in the country. She still lives in NYC. Peggy Noonan did work on the T.V. drama series West Wing. West Wing was a “left” ideological T.V. drama. She was a producer at CBS news in New York and wrote news specials for CBS. She also wrote Dan Rathers daily commentary for him. Dan Rather is a liberal democrat. Is this a model of a true conservative?

    In her scathing article, Peggy Noonan said that Sarah Palin is both bad for Republicans and bad for the Republic. That is an outrageous!!!! statement. I believe that the elitism of New York City has contributed to Peggy Noonan's deranged thoughts. Palin has similar political views as President Ronald Reagan, yet Noonan believes that Palin is not good for our country. As a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, did Noonan really believe in what she wrote for Reagan? After 2005, Peggy’s liberal tendencies have surfaced more notably. Examples of this are her positive words supporting Obama, being content with an Obama administration, and her displays of cruel negativity with regard to Sarah Palin.

    Peggy Noonan even said that Sarah Palin should not have responded to Letterman’s attacks on her two daughters. What kind of a mother would not respond to vile attacks on their daughters? Noonan criticizes Palin for stumbling in interviews. Palin had to endure vicious scathing attacks and gotcha interviews. Peggy Noonan has never had to endure the kind of scathing attacks or gotcha interviews that Palin did, so what justifies her criticisms of Sarah Palin? Peggy sits behind her desk and has the availability to look up terms such as Bush Doctrine and has plenty of time to write up an article.

    Peggy Noonan's displays of conceit with regard to her elitism, have contributed to her snobbish personality, which has made it impossible for her to comprehend the importance of "regular joes." Peggy is an elitist who exemplifies her disdain for the success of "regular joes." Sarah Palin stands up for the “regular joes” all across our country. She is the ANTI-ELITIST. She bucks the usual party politics. Noonan has made it clear that she likes being among the status quo of elitists in NYC, and sticking to the same old tune of politics as usual. Is she really a conservative?

    Peggy Noonan said the "The elites made her." Noonan is wrong. Palin did not have help from the elites while working her way up the ranks in becoming Governor of Alaska. I think Noonan in an egotistical way wants to take some credit for Palin’s introduction to the national stage. Well, Peggy bought into the fallacies, charm of the liberals sayings “change” and “hope”, and even delved into gutter politics, just like a liberal. Is Peggy Noonan really a conservative?

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