Sarah Palin Poll and Media Bias

    A USA Today Gallop Poll was taken on July 6, 2009 and it showed that 53% of Americans believe the news coverage of Sarah Palin was "unfairly negative", while 9% felt it was "unfairly positive", and 28% says it has been just about right.

    I have not in my lifetime seen a political figure, as well as her family, be so viciously attacked by the MSM. She has had to endure baseless attacks and ethics investigations, that have put her at least $500,000 in debt. The "Left" has vindictively attacked both Sarah Palin and her family. Some examples of those attacks most recently include: Letterman's(non) jokes, a recent Vanity Fair article, and an article by the Huffington Post attacking her son Trig, who has Down Syndrome. The "Left" has proved that they are a bunch of unconscionable human beings. If a conservative had done half the vicious attacks against a Liberal political figure there would be calls for that person's resignation, immediately.

    Sarah Palin is awesome!!! She hunts, fishes, goes snow machining, while also taking care of her family. She stands up for principles and she does what she sees is best for her state and the country. She has a love of country and a type of personality I have not seen since Ronald Reagan. She has stood up against corruption in both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. According to Lt. Governor Purnell, she has had more accomplishments in her two and a half years as governor, than most governors in four years, or even most governors serving for 8 years. She stands up for conservative values and is against wasteful spending. After consulting some top figureheads within the Republican Party, she has chosen that resigning as governor is the right decision for Alaska. I hope that she is successful on all of her endeavors.

    I will be promoting Sarah Palin regardless of whether she runs for President or not. She is a person that had to rely on hard work in order to be successful and was not raised in a wealthy or a rich family. She has inspired me in a lot of ways and as a blogger I will continue to fight off these vile and false attacks by the MSM. In the same Poll, 19% of Americans say they are very likely, and 24% were somewhat likely to vote for Palin in the 2012 Presidential election. That's a pretty good start, for it being over 3 years away, until the next election. I believe that Sarah Palin can use this opportunity to promote herself nationally and better her image among the independent voters. I believe that she is is still one of the top forerunners in the GOP for the 2012 Presidential election. She has great tenacity, and I believe that she will make an awesome comeback, and show the liberals that they can shove it.

    Good Luck Sarah Palin!!!
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