New Blog -- Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

    For awhile I have been pondering the idea of starting an additional blog that focuses primarily on Catholic theology, catechetics, the bible, philosophy, apologetics as well as topics that mix both Catholicism with culture/ politics and so a few weeks back I started my new blog tunecedemalissedcontraaudentiorito -- which means Do Not Surrender To Evil But Proceed Ever More Boldly Against It.

    Whereas Teresamerica focuses about 75 percent of the time on conservative politics and the rest on sociology, philosophy, theology etc. Tunecedemalissedcontraaudentiorito will focus primarily on all things related to Catholic theology and/or the Catholic culture debate as it relates in our society today.  My new blog will probably focus on Catholic theology/philosophy about 65-75 percent of the time. If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith and/or the catholic culture clash in our society today, then I encourage you to come and join me on my new blog. God Bless.

    If anyone of my fellow bloggers has 2nd or 3rd blogs that I have overlooked please email me with that information and I will follow.  Have a great weekend!Source URL:
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