God Bless Donald Trump: He Makes Generous Offer to Purchase Ground Zero Mosque Property

    I called it! Donald Trump is a true Patriot!! I said that he would offer to buy the property located where the Ground Zero mosque and Islamic cultural center is supposed to be built, and now he is doing just that.  If he didn't, I was even planning on starting a petition to nudge the successful real estate guru to buy the property where a mosque is to be built and has been stirring up great controversy due to its close proximity to Ground Zero - where Islamic extremists murdered 3000 inncents.

    From Donald Trump WNYC: Trump sent a letter to one of the financial backers,Hisham Elzanaty, and offered to purchase the property at 25 percent more than what the building was bought for. In the letter he makes the offer because it will end a "very serious, inflammatory and highly divisive situation."

    Trump included one condition to his offer: as part of the deal, the backers of the Islamic cultural center would have to promise that if any new mosque is constructed, it would have to be at least five blocks farther away from the World Trade Center site.

    This is great news!! I hope Hisham Elzanaty accepts Trump's offer to buy the property.  Thank you for stepping up to the plate Donald Trump.

    H/T Bluegrass PunditSource URL: http://outlawrepublican.blogspot.com/2010/09/god-bless-donald-trump-he-makes.html
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