Horror and Tragedy in Brooklyn: 7 Blocks to Walk; A Boy Ends Up Brutally Murdered

     After attending summer day camp Leiby Kletzky, an 8 year old Orthodox Jewish boy, was supposed to meet his parents after walking 7 blocks.  But he became disoriented and lost his way.  This is so tragic....sniff....and he asked the suspect for directions.  From what I've heard, the little boy was tied up, suffocated, and then the suspect chopped his body up.  This little boy's body parts were found in the freezer and in a trash bin.  What makes this horrific tragedy even worse is the suspect is a man from their own neighborhood and of the same background.  This monster is also an Orthodox Jew.  This is so sad.  My heart goes out to this boy's parents and the whole community in Brooklyn.  It is sad that in today's times kids can no longer walk on the streets alone safely.   

     Do you think that this is a case which calls for the death penalty?   I do.  Unfortunately I don't think that New York has the death penalty.  Maybe that will change due to this horrific crime?  Do you think that we need the death penalty as a deterrent to crime? 

    From CNN:

    An 8-year-old's grisly murder would shock any community, but there's an added layer of astonishment in this neighborhood because the alleged killer appears to hail from the same close-knit religious community as the victim.
    On Thursday, New York police charged a 35-year-old man with the killing of Leiby Kletzky, an Orthodox Jewish boy, after officers found human remains in the man's refrigerator and a trash bin.
    The alleged killer also appears to be an Orthodox Jew who lived relatively nearby to Kletzky, according to community members.
    "You can't possibly describe how tragic this is and how upset people are this boy was murdered by a person living in the community, who shares his religion and his neighborhood," said Ezra Friedlander, who lives in Borough Park, the neighborhood where Kletzky went missing on Monday.
    On Thursday, Levi Aron was arraigned on first degree murder and kidnapping charges in Brooklyn in connection with Kletzky's death.
    "It would have been extremely scary if a terrorist would have come into the community and killed a boy, but when it's one of your own you feel even more vulnerable," said Friedlander, a public relations executive who represents many Orthodox Jewish clients.
    "The level of fear that mothers and fathers and children here are experiencing is something that I never witnessed before," he said. CONTINUED 

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