Question For Blacks/African Americans: What Do You Think About This Crime?

    Here is the scenario: A Bronx man has claimed that he was attacked and robbed while riding on the subway all because of the color of his skin.  The police are investigating it but they don't consider this to be a hate crime, so far.  There were four men who followed the victim to another train, surrounded him and then called the victim some nasty racial slurs.  That was outrageous! So wrong!  This racial hatred needs to stop!  Then the victim claims that the group of hooligans punched and kicked him while he was held in a headlock.  The police say they're unsure whether this assault was motivated by bias so it hasn't been handed over to the NYPD's hate crimes task force yet.

    I would like some Blacks/African Americans opinions on this matter.  Do you think that this should be considered a hate crime or not?  Do you think that the police should investigate this matter further?Source URL:
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