FEDERAL FUNDS FOR GROUND ZERO MOSQUE??? Please Sign Petition To STOP Federal Funding of Ground Zero Mosque!!!

    If the Ground Zero Mosque, now renamed Park 51, being built right next to Ground Zero, where Muslim extremists murdered nearly 3000 lives on Sept. 11, 2001, isn't pouring salt on the wounds of all those who lost loved ones on 9/11 then their request for $5 million in federal funding surely is.  What the heck has happened to the separation of Church and State?  Why aren't the liberals complaining about the breach of separation of Church and State?  Because they both have the same agenda - and it sure isn't in America's best interest.  This ticks me off!!! Dick Morris has started a petition you can sign to stop this smack in the face request for federal funding. This is a religious institution and it is unconstitutional for them to receive federal funding.  This is outrageous!!! Unbelievable!!

    From Dick Morris:

    The ground zero mosque, called Park 51, has applied for a $5 million grant of federal funds from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. The Corporation, set up to rebuild lower Manhattan after 9-11 is actively considering the grant request. Imagine! A federal entity set up to rebuild lower Manhattan giving tax money to a mosque designed to celebrate the attacks that killed 3,000 Americans!
    The ground zero mosque will offer courses in Shariah Law and will doubtless spawn hundreds of new terrorists eager to pick up where the 9-11 hijackers left off.
    Officially, the federal funds would not go to religious activities, but to “fund social service programs for all the residents of Lower Manhattan such as domestic violence prevention, Arabic and other foreign language classes, programs and services for homeless veterans, two multi-cultural art exhibits and immigration services,” according to its grant application.

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