Sick Of ENDO - Here Are Some Funny Cat Videos

    Before I leave you with the funnies I must say if I haven't been to your blog lately I am so sorry and I will visit in the near future.  I really haven't been feeling well for the last month or so due to my endometriosis.  A couple weeks ago I had a doctor's visit and found out that I had an infection - didn't know that it was possible to get that type of infection where they discovered it in my body but oh well.  Finally got the medication after I played phone tag trying to explain to the medical staff that I have trouble taking pills and that these capsules were way too big for me to swallow.  I have a small mouth and I have so much trouble taking the medium to big size pills. I've tried all the suggestions and nothing has worked so far. Then some family came to visit and spent some time with them.  It was a good visit. I started to feel better and then felt worse again, then felt better, and now I feel kinda bad again. I feel like a yo-yo with dealing with this endo. I have had this terrible disease for about 15 years and I am at the end of my line for options medically.  Now I am going to try heating castor oil packets or cloths up and laying them on my abdomine to see if it helps.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this helps. I will stop by your blogs shortly. I can't wait to see all your great articles.  I am also working on my links posting and that should be done tomorrow or Monday. God Bless, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the funny vids.

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