Continuing My College Journey

    Hello To All My fellow internet friends:

    Today, was my first day of classes at Robert Morris University in Moon Township, PA. I went to the community college in Pittsburgh last semester and decided to continue my college journey this semester. I am taking three classes this semester. I am taking Principles in Macroeconomics and have no idea how this course is going to be, but its a requirement so I must take it. I am taking The Developing World which is a history course, and after attending the first class seems like it will be quite interesting. Tomorrow I will attend my first class of Comparative Contemporary Political Systems. This sounds like it could be an interesting course as well. I will be continuing with my sociology degree or as this college calls it Social Science degree. Since I have both a burning passion for politics and just absolutely love politics I have decided that my concentration is going to be in government.

    I am very much looking forward to attending Robert Morris University this semester. I hope to find a job with more hours soon, also. So, I will probably not be posting quite as often as I have been lately.Source URL:
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