Cop Vs. Obama Poster: Displays Fascism

    Here is the picture the cop in the video below would not allow to be shown at the town hall meeting. That is a clear violation of freedom of speech. The cop was probably afraid of the truth being revealed to the public. I make you a bet, if there was a similar George Bush sign this fascist police officer would have had absolutely no problem with the poster. The cop is apparently a supporter of the fake messiah, known as Obama. This is yet another example of how the left has trampled on our right to free speech, and continues to do so. This shows just how the left are a bunch of hypocrites.

    This is one example of fascism under the totalitarian dictator, Obama.

    "This used to be America," argued a protester outside a health-care town hall meeting in Reston, Va., after a security officer threatened him with arrest for holding up a sign with a picture critical of Barack Obama.

    The officer's response?

    "It ain't no more, OK?"

    Hmmmm...... How outrageous a comment!!

    According to WorldNetDaily, A video of the town hall held earlier this week by Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., shows an unnamed protester standing on school grounds carrying a sign that read "Organizing for National Socialist Health Care

    – The Final Solution" and depicted Barack Obama in the Joker's makeup.

    Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. then told the protester that even though others were holding signs, his sign was unacceptable because of the depiction of Obama.

    "But you got this with a picture," Cheeks said, explaining why the protester was being singled out from the others. "That's the difference. This has got a picture on it. That don't have a picture on it.

    "Sir, leave the picture down," the officer said. "If you put the picture back up, you'll be charged with trespassing."

    The protester continued the argument, wondering how his presence among hundreds of others at the town hall meeting could be deemed trespassing.

    The officer answered, "If I told you once to take it down and you put it back up, I can charge you with whatever I want to charge you with."

    The argument continued until the officer walked away.

    Replay. OK. This exchange needs to be seen twice, for this is extremely hard for me to digest.

    "This used to be America," said the protester.

    "It ain't no more, OK?" answered Cheeks.

    "Officer Cheeks, it appears from the badges on his uniform, is a member of the Fairfax County Public Schools' trained School Security Officer team. Neither the school nor the local police, however, would confirm Cheeks' status or authority until communications offices reopen on Monday."


    The arrogance and fascist intolerance that Officer Cheeks so blatantly displays is unfortunately yet one more example of where we're headed in America, under the fascist Obama. The fact he states that this is no longer America, is unconscionable and just blows me away.

    Wake up Call: This is still

    The United States of America!!!!

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