My Poem: On Airways-My Defense of Limbaugh Vs. Stimulus

    Here is a poem that I created while the Porkulus, better known as the Stimulus, was being debated in Congress. Only Ten Percent of funds from the Stimulus have entered into our economic universe and so far it has shown to have been a complete crock, and a total waste of money for increasing jobs in both the recent past and at the present time. Where are the shovel ready jobs that Democrats said were ready and waiting for money? How's that hopey and changey happening for all you Obambi supporters? Well, so far only a few and far between number of jobs have been created, and how many actually came from the Stimulus is in question. I hope you enjoy this video and poem, that I created to defend Rush Limbaugh, and is a rant against the Porkulus.

    On Airways

    Rush Limbaugh stands for freedom on the airwaves

    We are always glad when he's on the air

    Saying no to failed policies

    And the lefts hypocrosies

    Free speech for all on the airwaves is fair

    GOP needs to follow Rush"s example

    Rush wants America to succeed

    Setting libs straight with the truth

    Obama wants to shut Rush up

    Wishing voters had sense at the booth

    Obama's just a pup

    Liberals, don't keep free speech from the airwaves

    Listen to Rush, and do not be Oprahbots

    Say no to liberal giveaways

    We need to follow the Reagan way

    Say no to Government controlling us like robots

    Rush keep on taking a stand for you and me

    This Stimulus needs a miracle from God

    Saying no to a prok filled bill

    Dems on the hill, take a chill pill

    There's so much pork in this bill I can smell

    the bacon all the way from here

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