Ed Schultz - The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

    Here is Ed Schultz spewing his hatred for conservatives:

    Ed called conservatives “evil” at the one nation “working together” rally. He and other progressives make the unfounded accusation that conservatives are “evil” He also claims that conservatives don’t want to follow the constitution. Plus, he said that conservatives want to change this country. Like Obama’s whole mantra during his presidential campaign calling for “hope and change” somehow didn’t call for “change”. Okay, this guy is off his rocker, delusional. Was Ed in some kind of psychosis during the 2008 campaign? Nah, he believes changing from capitalism to socialism is good.

    He is right about conservatives wanting to change the country . Conservatives are for returning to the principles instilled by our Founding Fathers. We are for getting back to our constitution. Conservatives believe that “all men are created equal”, and that includes those that aren’t able to speak for themselves, like the unborn.

    This sad and pathetic man thinks that we’re “evil” when the liberals are the ones that make compromises with the devil. They are “pro-choice” and have been advocating for the infanticide of our children since before Roe vs. Wade was passed in 1973. Progressives advocate for pulling the plug on grandma - euthanasia. Conservatives stand up for those most vulnerable and their right to live while progressives prey on weak and innocent human beings. The Democratic Party is the party of death.

    As for the accusation about conservatives not following the constitution, this is equally obnoxious coming from a self-proclaimed progressive. The progressive movement is about moving beyond the constitution. The constitution is what their trying to “progress” beyond and away from. They want to move America beyond the stage of being a representative republic. They want a social democracy. The constitution, as they understand it, is not the permanent law of the land but a “living document“ that can and should evolve into something entirely different from our Founders’ principles. Ed makes these absurd claims about conservatives. HotAir points out just how polarizing Ed Schultz is. Ed Schultz calling conservatives “evil” and disrespectful of the constitution is like “the pot calling the kettle black.”

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