Socialists, Communists, and Baby Killers of America Sponsored the Progressive Rally

    I wanted to do a post on the Commie/Progressive Rally before it took place but will do it today even though it is after the rally took place.  A few of the sponsors of the rally included: baby killers of America Planned Parenthood, Communist Party USA (CPUSA), and Democratic Socialists of America. The people who attended the rally are calling for socialism in America and believe in both identity politics and class warfare.  Those at the rally want "free" health care, "free" government assistance for this and that, but don't realize that nothing is free.  These people want to abandon their responsibilities and hand them over to the State. They want others to be obligated to fork over their hard earned money so that they don't have to.  They want the "rich" to take care of their every need while at the same time trying to tear the rich man down, and trying to destroy his wealth.  Maybe some do love this country but those that immigrated to the United States, whether legally or illegally, have a very odd way of showing it.  They came to this country looking for more opportunities and to have a better way of life.  They left their country because of the horrible living conditions there which is being caused by that country's failed economic system whether it be socialist or communist.  But, for some reason they want to change America and are advocating for it to become a socialist or a communist country when those systems of government have been proven failures. This makes no sense.  For some reason they can't make the connection between why they felt forced to or their need to leave their home country - why their home country's economy is failing- and why America is such a prosperous nation, and the land of opportunity.  America has been the land of opportunity and freedom due to its economic policies since its inception. Yes, capitalism with the least amount of government intervention as possible has been proven to work and has made this nation a prosperous nation. The people at the rally don't realize that they are being used by the Democrat or progressive politicians whose primary goal is to promote government dependence and acquire as much control and power over our lives as possible.  The politicians are manipulating these people like pawns on a chessboard.  A rude awakening is coming if checkmate is ever declared.

    Here are the organizations shown on which endorsed the One Nation "Working Together" rally:

    Here is a video of the Proud Socialists:

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