Security at Alaska State Fair Act Like Nazis: Violate Free Speech; They Brutalize Man For "Impeach Obama" Sign

    The video is seen as objectionable by Youtube and was taken down. This is unconscionable!!! What is wrong, is what the security people at the Alaska fair did - violating a man's right to freedom of speech and brutalizing him. We need to stand with this man, stand up for him because you never know whose free speech rights are going to be violated next. Youtube is covering up for the Security at the Fair.  Youtube seems to be collaborating in a coverup to silence and violate this man's freedom of speech. Shame on Youtube!! America is the home of the brave and the land of the free. At least that is what America is supposed to be. But, since Obama was elected our freedoms and liberties have been deteriorating over the past two years.  We must stop these violations of our freedoms and liberties and reverse course. Let us restore honor to America. Let us continue to fight to restore freedom and liberty to all Americans.

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