Guard yanked from wedding over Kate rant

    Guard yanked from wedding over Kate rant
    There will be one missing palace guard at the royal wedding. Scots Guardsman Cameron Reilly has been dismissed from duty during the event after he used Facebook to publicly complain that the bride-to-be snubbed him.
    The 18-year-old, who joined the guards last year, angrily lashed out at Kate Middleton after she visited with Prince William last month. According to his Facebook posts, she gave him only a brief wave "while she looked the opposite way."

     Among other less-flattering comments about Middleton, Reilly called her "stuck up" and asked "am I not good enough for them!"
    Reilly was scheduled to be among the hundreds of guards lining the route of the wedding procession. He also regularly patrols the palace and his Facebook page still lists his position as "Infantry at British Army" (and also mentions other activities and interests like "causing trouble").

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