Keira Knightley bridesmaid

    Keira Knightley bridesmaid

    Keira Knightley was in the wedding party when her brother Caleb Knightley and Kerry Nixon were wed at Pollokshields Burgh Hall in Glasgow, Scotland this weekend.

    The Pirates of the Caribbean' star looked stunning at her brother's wedding on Sunday pulling off the bridesmaid look quite well with her hair up, while wearing a V-neck purple dress which was tied up at the shoulders.

    Keira Knightley and Colin Firth could take on roles in ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’.

    The British stars have appeared in different adaptations of Jane Austen’s classic novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and the director of the latest take on the story, Craig Gillespie, says he wouldn’t rule them out of being involved in his movie.

    Asked if he is planning to introduce Keira or Colin in the new film, he said: “I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re definitely giving me food for thought.”

    Despite the unusual premise of the new film, ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ director Craig is determined to keep the love story between the main characters as the central theme because otherwise he believes audiences will not be impressed.  “There’s a lot of action in this. There are a lot of big set pieces in this film, which is exciting. Basically, as I said to the studio, at the core it’s a love story between Elizabeth and Darcy. If that’s not working, and we’re not rooting for those two get together through all this craziness, the movie is not going to work. That’s key to me, to have this great emotional story going on, and all this craziness.”

    “It has such a great mix of humor and horror. I just love being able to juggle those two aspects. The humor is inherent in the ‘Pride and Prejudice’ side, but taking that and accenting it with zombies is just a brilliant and fun idea. And there are such strong female characters, which is nice to have. It’s a great clash.”

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