Obama’s birth certificate is fake

    Obama’s birth certificate is fake

     Denninger: 1) Definition of document background in inconsistent. It’s sharper around the edges and blurred around the center.

     Denninger: 2) “Date Accepted by Reg. General” field has inconsistent color depth on the “AUG,” “-,” and “6.”

     Denninger: 3) “Department of Health” field’s number “1” is inconsistent with the other numbers.

     Denninger: 4) No color fringes around the letters, no matter far it’s magnified. The allegation is that the letters weren’t originally printed on the colored paper, but rather assembled from elsewhere.

     3TruthSeeker33 1) Layers
    3TruthSeeker33 2) Document with a few layers taken out

    Source: Ibtimes
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