Hypocrisy Alert! - Keith Olbermann Defends Hoffa 'Sons-Of-Bitches' Remark, But Condemned Violent Rhetoric After Giffords Shooting

    This Democrat Bolshevic loon is a real piece of crappy work.  One more example of the "new civility" and that progressives are hypocrites when it comes to inflammatory language and condemning it.  I make you a bet that if a Tea Party member had said anything half as outrageous and incendiary as Hoffa did on Labor Day their would be cries of outrage from the Left that we'd hear for weeks. The liberals have now claimed that there is nothing wrong with this type of fiery, threatening rhetoric as long as it comes from progressives. Hoffa just happens to be the son of a mafia gangsta.  Both Jimmy Hoffa Sr. and Jimmy Hoffa Jr. were/are union thugs.  Yeah, like Hoffa and his gangsta cronies never "took out" anyone they wanted to disappear.  Progressives are morally bankrupt and mentally deranged.

    Here is Olbermoron defending Hoffa.

    Theblogprof points out: Never mind the fact that Hoffa wrapped his comments under the auspices of "war." But here's a flashback after the Giffords shooting, conflated for sake of parody with Hoffa's comments from just the other day:

    H/T TheblogprofSource URL: http://outlawrepublican.blogspot.com/2011/09/hypocrisy-alert-keith-olbermann-defends.html
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