Scarlett Johansson Cell Phone Photos Leaked 2011

    Scarlett Johansson Cell Phone Photos Leaked 2011

     This year has been the year for celebrities getting their phones hacked! It seems like every few weeks nude photos of another celebrity are leaked onto the internet. Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, and others have been involved in this nude photo scandal. How are these pictures getting out? A hacker is breaking into their phones.

    Today a new celebrity is being exposed by the phone hacker – Scarlett Johannson!‎

    As much as I would love for this to be true, I am very unconvinced at the genuine real-ness of these photos. Unlike Blake Lively’s lovely nude photos, these pics of Scarlett have all kinds of “wrong” in them. For all I know, these could be a pair of really old fakes and I’m just late in noticing it…..or maybe not.
    Take a look at the second picture and notice how “Scarlett” is looking downwards from her phone but the naked person in the mirror is looking up AT the phone. It’s very iffy at this point but I’m willing to accept any argument that it MIGHT be her.
    And besides, I can’t argue that those big tits aren’t hers! So until something gets announced (or denounced), let’s all just assume that this is just some kind o’ Photoshop job done right. Bravo, Mr. Photoshopper, you are my new friend!

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