Tucker Carlson PWNS Greta Van Susteren; Greta Is Dumberer

    Tucker Carlson's site The Daily Caller reported the vile, disgusting smut that Mike Tyson said about Sarah Palin.  There are clearly quotations and denotations that show Mike Tyson is the purveyor of such filth. NOT Tucker Carlson and NOT Jeff Poor who was the editor of the article.  Greta is suggesting that the MSM as a whole should ignore these smut-filled comments which were directed at Sarah Palin by Mike Tyson. Somehow I doubt that if this piece of journalism was about Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton she would want this silenced.  Neither Tucker or Jeff endorsed this type of speech.  They are exposing the vulgar remarks which were made by Mike Tyson.  Greta is sooo dumb.  How can she not recognize this article as a piece of journalism?  Did she even read the story? The Daily Caller is spot on to expose this noxious garbage. .

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