ACORN in Baltimore Just Caught Committing Crimes

    A filmaker named, James O'Keefe has just caught ACORN in Baltimore committing crimes. He and a woman named "Kenya" went undercover and posed as a pimp and a prostitute and asked ACORN officials on how to secure housing so that "Kenya" could operate a prostitution business. "The ACORN officials not only complied, but also offered advice on how to lie to the IRS and how to list under aged girls that would be imported for prostitution as dependents." James O'Keefe suggests, in a piece on Big Government, that his purpose was to give ACORN a taste of its own medicine, quoting a famous community organizer, "The only way to upset the power structure in your communities is to goad them, confuse them, irritate them and, most of all, make them live by their own rules. If you make them live by their own rules, you destroy them."

    This is corruption at its worst. And, what's worse is that this criminal enterprise is being funded by the government, which means oh yes, your tax dollars are going for criminal acts.
    ACORN must be stopped and disbanded!!

    Here are the videos:

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