Just Say NO to Planned Parenthood Invading Schools



    Do you as parents really want Planned Parenthood in your child/childrens public school? Hell NO!!There is a high probability that this will happen if H.R. 3200 is passed in congress. In section 2511 (pages 993-1001) of H.R. 3200, there is a provision that is made for "School-Based Health Clinics (SBHC)." 'Under the provisions of this section, the Secretary of Health and Human Services is directed to “establish a school-based health clinic program” which will locate clinics “in, or...adjacent to a school facility” a clinic which is “administered by a sponsoring facility.” '

    A "sponsoring facility" can be a hospital, a public health department, a community health center, or a nonprofit agency. This is where Planned Parenthood comes into play. Planned Parenthood is a non for profit (c) (3) organization that proudly grandstands the fact they operate "850 health centers" across the United States. "Under H.R. 3200, each one of these “health centers” is eligible to become a “sponsoring facility” of a school-based health clinic."

    With President Obama and Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sebelius being staunch supporters of abortion rights, how much of a chance do you think there is that they choose not to take advantage of this opportunity to indoctrinate and propogandize school kids into their pro-choice army? I think that it is very likely that this exact thing will happen. My suggestion is to take your kids out of public schools before they are brainwashed with liberalism garbage. We must stop this bill from being passed in any form. This is only one example of how Obama and his administration want to squash your parental rights and propogandize your kids into believing that being "Pro-Choice" is the right way to go. Abortion is evil. Abortion is wrong. All life is precious, especially the UNBORN. Parents, this is the time to stand up for your children and fight against this bill. This provision is one more example of the type of control and indoctrination Obama wants to have over your kids. This is utterly outrageous!!

    And, Yes, these clinics will be federally funded. Your taxpayer dollars will go to this horrendous propoganda that promotes the murder of our most precious babies. This bill expressly says that “funds awarded under a grant under this section” may be used for “the payment of salaries for health professionals and other appropriate SBHC personnel.” Hell, freakin, NO!! I am not paying tax dollars to fund anything related to Planned Parenthood. In addition, the Secretary of HHS is directed to “begin awarding grants” for these SBHCs “not later than July 1, 2010.”

    July 1, 2010.” So, we must stop this NOW!!! This must be made known to the public. The Obama administration is ready to start the process of indoctrinating kids even before the bill would go into effect, if passed. This bill must be stopped. This bill is not about health care. This bill is about power and control. And, if they can get their hands on your kids and control kids thoughts and their value systems, instead of the parent, then the parent is screwed. Parents, I hope you fight back against this intrusion into your kids lives and fight for your right to teach your kids what principles and values you see fit. Don't let this administration encroach on your parental rights.Source URL: http://outlawrepublican.blogspot.com/2009/09/just-say-no-to-planned-parenthood.html
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