Obama The Misrepresenter-in-Chief, Abortion is in Health Care Bill

    It is just sad, despicable, and horrendous that anyone would want to kill this liitle person just out of pure selfishness and in the name of "choice." We need to stop the holocaust on unborn babies!!

    The health care legislation in the House and Senate under a new "public" insurance plan option would allow for abortions. The Capps Amendment that was just recntly passed by the House and Energy Committee states that abortions "shall" be covered by the "public-option"plan. And, leaves the types of abortions to be covereed under the health care plan up to the secretary of Health and Human Services which is Kathleen Sebelius. Sebelius is one of the most extreme abortion rights advocates in the nation. She supported the late term abortionist Tiller. That's just how radical and extreme she is. So, obviously she's going to advocate to provide federal financial aid and incentives in the bill for abortions. In fact, Obama has said that "reproductive services" will be included in the health care bill, and unless the bill specifically says that it will prohibit abortions than the bill WILL cover abortions. So, Obama the Misrepresenter-in- Chief is wrong about there being no funding for abortion in Obamacare. He has been misrepresenting what it is in Obamacare. NOT US CONSERVATIVES!!! WE, conservatives are revealing all of the democrats lies, misrepresentations, distortions etc. in regards to their bogus claims about Obamacare. Plus, if low to moderate income citizens choose the "public-Plan" they would qualify for federal subsidies to purchase it. In addition, private plans that cover abortion could be purchased with the assistance from federal subsidies. Therefore, what the President calls "fabrications" are not what he claims. But in fact the reality of the situation is that Obama was/is wrong. Obama and the Democrats have tried to hide this language in the bill regarding abortion to give the illusion that abortion isn't covered in the bill, when in actuality it is. Don't you just love all this magic and trickery being performed by the Obama administration?

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