G-20 and The Pleasant Face Of Martial Law

    The Wednesday before the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, my husband Kevin, a friend, and I went down to Pittsburgh to look for protesters. Instead, we ended up finding the "green Jobs" rally. It was quite interesting. The music was pretty good. Meanwhile that same day there were Green Peace protesters who decided to act a little nutty and dangle off the West End Bridge. Earlier in the week I had heard about something very disturbing regarding the protesters. The police had found barrels of piss and feces in a warehouse near the Convention Center, where the G-20 was being held last week. And, I couldn't find anything definitive online and then one of my neighbors said someone had encountered a water gun with piss in it on a road near us. Then, there were the violent G-20 Resistance protesters who were illegally protesting and causing major havoc for our fine police officers.
    Then, on Friday during the G-20 Summit we traversed to downtown Pittsburgh again. We looked for protesters once again, but only ended up finding a few clusters of protesters. Thanks heavens, these protesters were peaceful and actually really nice. One set of protesters actually stopped just so I could take pictures and video of them. Downtown Pittsburgh was very peaceful and the streets were quite desolate. There were bunches of police officers but hardly anyone else walking around downtown. My husband referred to this as the "pleasant face of Martial Law."
    Here are some videos and pictures of both days:


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