Bush Lawyers Vindicated by Justice Department

    Thank goodness that this particular witch hunt by the Obama administration is over. In a report by Reuters, the Bush administration lawyers have been cleared of any wrongdoing. YEA!!! The Justice Department concluded that the lawyers used bad judgement, but did nothing criminal. I would hardly call authorizing these necessary techniques for use on terrorists as bad judgement. After 9/11, the lawyers authorized these techniques, which were necessary to keep this country safe for 7 1/2 years during the Bush years. John Yoo and Jay Bybee are my heroes for thinking about the safety of the United States and its citizens first and putting partisan politics second. Our safety is by far more important than the terrorists so-called rights. I am proud to be an alive American today, and thankful to these fine men, John Yoo and Jay Bybee, for their efforts to keep us safe from terrorists.

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