Dr. Earl Bradley is Charged With Sexually Abusing 103 Children in Delaware

    On Monday afternoon, the Sussex County Grand Jury returned an indictment against Bradley containing 471 counts of first degree rape, sexual exploitation of a child, unlawful sexual contact first degree, continued sexual abuse of a child, second degree assault and first degree reckless endangerment. He had been initially charged with 29 felony counts when first arrested in December 2009.

    As for the number of victims, Sussex County prosecutor Paula Ryan said, "There are 103 separate children identified. They have not been specifically identified as to their name." Officials say there was one male victim among them.

    The horrific details of the case against the Lewes pediatrician continue to unfold. The Attorney General said investigators had to review more than 13 hours of videos taped by the doctor, the earliest dating back to 1998. Police had seized the tapes while executing a search warrant at Bradley's office and home back in December.

    But there is still a long road ahead, according to investigators. Biden said, "I will expect we will add to this indictment with new charges over the coming months," adding that prosecutors expect to identify more victims as well.

    The community has been traumatized by the allegations. In response, what once looked like a wonderland of toys has become a barren building, swept clear of any reminder that children used to go there. The Attorney General's office removed the objects last week.

    Now, the state is already looking to others to help them heal through such a painful and never-before-experienced time. Biden said, "We have consulted with and assembled a team of national experts on child sexual abuse to assist each one of us standing here before you."

    The Attorney General displayed visible pain, often hesitating and wiping away a tear. "The charges in this indictment are unique in the history of the state of Delaware, as far as I can tell. These are crimes committed against the most vulnerable among us," he said, pausing in emotion. "Those without voices." Biden added that after his research, he knows of no other case with so many young victims as the case against Bradley.

    This is outrageous!!!! This is highly disturbing and sickening!!! This doctor violated his hippocratic oath, "to abstain from doing harm." Dr. Earl Bradley is accused of violating 103 children and the counting still may not be over. He did major harm to all these children. Has the world gone mad? It sure seems like it. In my opinion, we need to bring back morality, values, and God back into our society. The scars from the molestations will last with these children for the rest of their lives. The scars can heal, but they will always be there. As a victim of sexual assault, I understand the massive repercussions and major effects that sexual crimes can cause. This had me crying, tears rolling down my face, remembering so vividly details of how events went down in my case when I was sexually assaulted at 17 years old. My heart goes out to every one of those kids and their familiies. Maybe, partially because these atrocities took place so close to where my case took place. These horrible crimes took place about 40 miles away from where I grew up. But, with an outpouring of love and therapy these kids can be okay. This pisses me off to no end!! This doctor preyed on little kids. In my case, the man was a horse farm owner where many kids attended horse lessons and this doctor had an enormous amount of children under his care as well. This makes me want to scream to the mountain tops for all these poor children- all these victims of molestation. This monster needs to pay for all of his crimes!! Is life in prison enough of a punishment? These were such heinoous and purposefully acted upon crimes that I would say, NO. The guy needs to fry for his crimes. He deserves the death penalty. This makes me want to go volunteer for a sexual abuse agency. Who knows, maybe this is one more sign that God is calling me to help out victims of sexual crimes? I will be keeping all of these children and their families' in my thoughts and prayers.Source URL: http://outlawrepublican.blogspot.com/2010/02/dr-earl-bradley-is-charged-with.html
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