Feminine Virtues Encroaching on Masculinity

    Tom Hoffman has written an article on the decline of masculinity, showing that both the media and academia has extolled the “virtue” of the feminization of men since the 1950’s. The media and academia has gone the extra mile to exclude the virtues of manliness and present them as patriarchal, sexist, and homophobic. I have seen one review of Hoffman’s article in which the person really does the Twist.

    The cult of femininity runs rampant among liberals, especially amongst those liberals who are anarchists and those liberals who are pacifists.

    How many up and coming John Waynes or Chuck Norrises, or Clint Eastwoods do we have in Hollywood? I really haven’t seen too many up and coming “bad boys” in Hollywood lately. The one person that is a bad ass that comes to mind is Jason Statham but haven’t seen any others.

    Could you imagine Philip Seymour-Hoffman as The Lone Ranger? Could you imagine John Cryer as John Wayne? Could you imagine Neil Patrick Harris as Walker Texas Ranger?Source URL: http://outlawrepublican.blogspot.com/2010/06/feminine-virtues-encroaching-on.html
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