Setting a Liberal Straight About the Tea Party Movement

    In this article, the author made assertions about the Tea Party movement that were both nonsensical and fallacious. Then he tries to backtrack here. The author, J.M. Bernstein, states this:

    "It would be comforting if a clear political diagnosis of the Tea Party movement were available — if we knew precisely what political events had inspired the fierce anger that pervades its meetings and rallies, what policy proposals its backers advocate, and, most obviously, what political ideals and values are orienting its members."

    It is clear that he makes no effort or very little effort to understand the Tea Party movement, and the reasons for the participants' anger because if he really wanted to find out the movement's core princples all he had to do was perform a simple google search and he would have located multiple sites which state the basic political philosphy and/or the core princples of the Tea Party movement.

    On one can easily find out that the three core principles of the Tea Party movement are: fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. At, the movement also calls awareness to any issue that challenges the security, sovereignty, or domestic tranquility of our nation, the United States of America. In addition, the website clearly states that the Tea Party movement adheres to principles of personal responsibility, national sovereignty, and The Rule of Law. The site also shows Glenn Beck's 9 Principles and 12 values to follow for the 9-12 movement which were created to help guide the Tea Party movement.

    He clearly believes in a metaphysical collectivism and has an infatuation with the collective. He believes in handing over more power to the federal government, and is willing to cede individuals' decision-making abilities and indivdual responsibilities to the government, and is willing to give up individual freedom and liberty so that we can be indebted to an all knowing God-like central government. Tea Partiers believe in the opposite. Tea Party members want to return a more decentralized government, curb the spending, reduce the deficit, and to have more individual freedom and liberty and not rely on the government to make certain decisions for us. We believe in the right to bear arms and protect ourselves from harm whereas big government types who rely on laws and the police, rely on an institution to protect them, meanwhile calling 911 may not be enough to save a life or lives. We do not believe in restrictive laws that give the state even more power over our lives. We believe in common sense laws and returning a sense of morality back to our society. Without God their can be no return to a civil moral society.

    I am inclined to believe that this author is for the health care law and having the government decide what medical procedures are necessary or not, rationing in order to save costs while Tea Party folks would rather keep our health care between us and our doctors, leave the decision making as to what is medically necessary up to our doctors, and we would rather spend more for quality health care and have much less rationing than occurs under centralized governents or with socialist health care. Liberals seem to think having 350 million people on socialist government health care is going to be the same as having 100 million on medicare, medicaid, other federal programs for our military and federal employees. In addition, many individuals on medicare have an extra private supplemental insurance because government insurance (medicare) is not enough to cover certain procedures and the costs of medical care. Big government policies and rampant corruption within Fannie and Freddie caused the financial crisis. Liberal compassion consisted of forcing the Community Reinvestment Act down the bankers' throats to hand out loans to people who evidently couldn't afford to pay their mortgages which is what caused this financial crisis. Government trying to enforce compassion via legislation is what causes persons insurmountable heartache and ruins lives.

    Would this guy be upset if he asked his spouse to fix something, his spouse ignored him repeateedly, the problem worsened over a period of several months, then refused to fix the issue, and purposefully made the issue worse since she disagreed with how to solve the issue?

    If you replace the spouse with the government and the guy with the American people, replace several months with 20 years and that explains and justifies the Tea Party's anger. Tea Party is directed at how the government has ignored citizens' concerns for many years. There has been an expansion of government control, and our government has exacerbated problems over the years while citizens' concerns have fallen on deaf years, and politicians have even blasted full speed ahead in the opposite direction than we the people consent to so we have every right to be angry.

    The three branches of the government have undergone a metamorphosis and morphed into far reaching tentacles that has spread like a horrible disease infecting the United States. Liberals want our government to mirror European-style socialist government while our Founders instituted a Constitutional Republic to avoid a centralized government type of government like that of Europe that would greatly reduce citizens' freedom. Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence which proclaims that all men are equal in rights, regardless of birth, wealth, or status, and that the government is the servant, not the master, of the people. The problem is that Today liberals are trying to make the government our servant instead of it being the other way around. This author thinks that Jefferson wouldn't have been agreed with the way citizens acted at townhall meetings but I believe that Jefferson would have been proud of these people who are standing up for individual citizens against the enslavement of the government. Townhall attendees and Tea Party participants have been displaying righteous anger in the face of an out of control government. I believe that Thomas Jefferson would have been appalled at how our politicians are mistreating citizens and the likes of SEIU members who threaten, are violent and beat up individuals like Kenneth Gladney, a black conservative who was selling patriotic merchandise outside a townhall meeting.Source URL:
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