Reflections on the Oil Spill, the Cleanup & Obama's Speech

    The President’s speech on the oil spill was boring and quite uninspiring at a time when our nation, especially the residents near the Gulf, need reassurances and words of encouragement. His words fell flat and short of that necessity. Barack Obama and the federal government’s inaction in response to the oil spill has exacerbated the problem and now Obama is drowning in oil and red ink. Did bureaucracy and red ink cause such ineptitude on the part of the Federal government’s response efforts (or lack thereof) to halt the oil spill? Is our president really doing everything he can when thirteen entities had offered their assistance in the oil cleanup and yet the United States refused their help? That does not make sense to me. You would think that we would be welcoming others ideas and accepting any help offered in order to minimize the ramifications that this oil spill will cause on our environment.
    The president’s speech indicates that the Obama administration’s central preoccupation has been in taking advantage of the oil crisis and advancing his radical cap & trade agenda instead of stopping the oil spill from gushing which should be their top priority. You know things are getting really bad for Obama when more people are disapproving of the Obama administration’s response (or lack thereof) than they were of the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina. The language Guru, Paul J.J. Payack, president of Global Language Monitor makes the claim that Obama is too ‘professorial’ for his target audience. The language guru also claims that Obama’s phraseology makes him seem aloof and out of touch. I do believe that the President is detached, aloof, and out of touch. He has had a hands off approach to this oil spill. The Obama administration seems to be showing their true colors in letting their allegiance to unions to get in the way of the oil cleanup by refusing to waive the Jones Act, which would then allow outside help from other nations into the Gulf. Many of God’s creatures are being killed and hurt because of this disastrous oil spill and fisherman’s livelihoods are being affected greatly too. Let us keep these creatures and fisherman in our thoughts and prayers. Let is hope and pray that the oil leak is stopped ASAP.

    Below, here is a video showing a mass Democrat defection as liberals attack Obama’s response to oil spill.

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