Owner Of World's Most Expensive Car Gets Slapped & Ticket

    Owner Of World's Most Expensive Car Gets Slapped & Ticket

    Money doesn't buy you manners: Owner of world's most expensive car gets slapped with parking fine for leaving £840,000 Bugatti in disabled space

    An unimpressed traffic warden fills out a ticket for the pricey car
    It is the most expensive luxury sports car in the world, affordable only for the extremely rich.
    So this ostentatious Bugatti Veyron stuck out like a sore thumb when it was illegally parked in a disabled bay in an affluent corner of Essex. And proving that even the wealthiest playboys on the planet are not above the law, the £839,285 motor was slapped with a parking ticket before it had been in the space half an hour.

    The 16-cylinder speed machine attracted a crowd of awed passers-by after it stopped in Buckhurst Hill, an area frequented by reality star Chantelle Houghton and the cast of The Only Way Is Essex.
    Young and old paused what they were doing to take photographs on mobile phones of the car's gleaming bodywork and sleek lines. But a traffic warden alerted to the vehicle by the knot of impressed shoppers was not prepared to let the loaded driver get away with his selfish behaviour.
    As fascinated bystanders posed with the high-performance car, the warden filled in a ticket for a fine and placed it on the shining windscreen - which was not displaying a disabled badge. The returning owner - an expensively dressed man in his early 40s - looked unconcerned at the ticket, according to witnesses.  He slid into the luxurious leather seats and accelerated away - an attention-grabbing sight in a state-of-the-art Veyron, since it is the fastest car on earth and can do 0 to 60mph in 2.5 seconds.
    The motor can reach velocities that would literally lift the car off the ground if it were not for its ingenious aerodynamics, which keep it on the road even at full speed.

     The thoughtless driver arrogantly parked his super-expensive car in a disabled bay

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