Persons Los Angelesco Gang

    Persons Los Angelesco Gang

    People who photographed Adam Amengual - all former gang members, and most of them have been to jail before they come to Homeboy Industries, an organization of social assistance in Los Angeles.

    1. Robert Trejo.
    "People go into gangs because of love. We do not have enough love. We do not like the family, mothers and fathers, or indeed anyone. Crime would like plugs that hole in you."

    2. Raymond Slayton.
    "I appreciate very much in my life, but before that I did not appreciate anything. I took everything for granted, but now I think about it and appreciate it. Really feel it's important. I aimlessly spent 39 years of life, and most hudschee - did it deliberately. I knew that I was mistaken, but I still did what he did "

    3. Lorenzo Smith.
    Was shot in Hollywood, California, April 22, 2011.
    4. Jessica Sandoval.
    "I love my children, they are everything to me. The family is really important. Now I am completely focused on children. After the death of their father to me to be both mother and father? It's hard. No one knows how difficult it is, until he himself would in this situation. "

    5. Jerry Montek.
    "Suggest the normal operation of any guy off the street, and he agrees. I think every criminal in America ... would not mind earning honestly. Because no one on earth is born evil. All of this is the result of education.'s Parents were drug addicts, was not at home eating. You'll see how my mother stole something at the store, and you will grow up to steal. "

    6. Carlos Nieto.
    "I can not judge others for their crimes. I gave up that, yes I do have never been to their liking. A judge others ... why, when I have enough problems and their?"

    7. Alvin Paez.
    "Before you join a gang, you know you should be thinking about the consequences. You can be in a wheelchair or in jail ... or you just killed. A lot can happen. But when I was a kid, we did not think about it."

    8. Adrien Caceres.
    Currently serving time in prison.
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