Peaks and Valleys, Storms and Calm

    We all go through peaks and valleys or periods of storms and calm in our lives.  Recently it seems like I have been experiencing more of the storms and peaks.  But we all need to remember that God is there for us.  He is always there to listen to us.  In these turbulent times we need to reach out to God and ask for his help as we go through life's peaks and storms.  These could be God's way of waking us up.  This could be some sort of test.  Things always happen for a reason.  We may not the reason now but at some time in the future it will become clear why that something happened in our lives.  Since my surgery I have experienced bleeding where its not supposed to be going on, dizziness which seems to be getting worse, low-grade fevers on and off, had it hurts to breathe a good portion of the time, nauseousness, felt like I was so pale that I was going to pass out, shakes, tired, and just plain feeling miserable much of the time.  During this time I have been talking to God more than before and asking for his healing and guidance.  I am really trusting in him.  Trusting in God is very important but can be hard at times. God has placed me in the care of a really awesome doctor.  He is my surgery doctor and also my OBGYN. He has been so concerned for me that instead of passing me off to some other doctor he has been ans still is monitoring my symptoms and trying to find out what could possibly be causing them.  I started working on the Eagle Freedom Links today but I am honestly not feeling well so I doubt they'll be done by tomorrow.  I might be able to do a rule 5 posting but I at least just need to lay down and rest for a bit and we'll see whether I'm able to.

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