Best Diet Dash

    Best Diet Dash
    Best Diet Dash. The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine have published a Boston University study that suggests that a dietary plan known as the DASH diet may help reduce the likelihood of obesity in teenage girls. The study surveyed more than 2,300 girls every year beginning at the age of 9, following them for 10 years.The DASH diet consists primarily of low-fat dairy and lean meats, as well as vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The goal of the plan is to eat what are considered healthy or whole foods as opposed to those that are highly processed and contain an excess of starch and white sugars, like cake or potato chips.

    This is not the first time that the DASH guidelines have been lauded as one of the better dietary approaches out there. U.S. News and World Report released its annual "best diets" list on Tuesday, and their panel of medical experts has rated DASH as the best plan to follow to avoid developing diabetes later on. It was also rated the "best overall diet" for its ability to battle high blood pressure and help people lose weight.

    The U.S. government relies heavily on the principles of the DASH-type diet in the construction of their well-known food pyramid, which breaks down what the average American should be eating every day to maintain overall health. The U.S. Army also recommends a DASH-type plan, after looking at the overall health of the average American soldier and realizing the need to reduce the incidences of hypertension among the troops.

    But according to the experts, while the DASH plan ranks highest overall, the best diet for you might depend on what it is you're trying to achieve. While the DASH diet is geared towards preventing larger health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure, other diets consistently rate higher for their ability to facilitate overall weight loss.

    Meal plans like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, which portion out your food intake, tend to rate higher in the rankings if you are looking to lose substantial amounts of weight over time, whereas the DASH diet has been shown to prevent a person from being overweight in the first place.

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