Cheryl Cole going to move back in with Ashley

    Cheryl Cole going to move back in with Ashley
    Cheryl Cole going to move back in with Ashley. Now you may remember that last month, your trusty heat magazine told you how Cheryl Cole was on the verge of rekindling her romance with her cheating ex-husband, Ashley Cole. After battling to come to terms with all the US X Factor malarkey that had been going on, poor Chez is feeling the strain of it all - and has been turning more and more towards Ashley for comfort.
    Then just two weeks ago, we told you how Cheryl had visited a hotel called The Grove in Berkshire where she had met up with her former husband. A friend of Ashley's told us at the time, “He’s been begging Cheryl to let him take care of her. He hates to see her with so many problems.” And now more and more people are coming forward to confirm the news and it seems the cogs of romance are well and truly turning – leading to today’s speculation that Cheryl and Ashley are even considering moving back in together.

    The idea is currently being considered - and came about after Cheryl met up with Ashley at the hotel that night. According to sources, that was the night when the pair had happily remembered why they had got together in the first place and they'd enjoyed an evening just the two of them. Since then Chez has not only been making long calls to Ashley late into the night but this week we revealed that Ashley’s “boys’ holiday” to LA was actually just an excuse – and the truth was Cheryl has been planning to join him out there. In fact, we are expecting pictures of the pair, reunited, to land on the heat Picture Desk anytime now.

    And today, speaking of that night in the hotel, a source has told the tabloids, “They were saying what a special night it was. They were mucking about like old times just playing pool, smoking and having a few drinks. There wasn’t any awkwardness between the two of them and they seemed very comfortable together.”

    The insider went on, “She feels very unsettled and Ashley can provide her with comfort and stability. She’s confused about her future and wants some time to hide away and think.”

    So as it looks more and more likely that Cheryl will soon be officially back together with her ex, we have to ask the question – how do you feel about Cheryl reuniting with Ashley? Does true love rule all? Or is she making a huge mistake going back to the man who has cheated on her time and time again?

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