How To Make Your Eyes Pop

    How To Make Your Eyes Pop
    How To Make Your Eyes Pop. We have a very clever way of determining your most flattering eye shadow shade that will make your eyes look as bright and gorgeous as possible. It's actually basic color theory—opposite shades on the color wheel make each other look more intense and vibrant. This means that you should pick an eye shadow shade that is directly opposite your eye color on a traditional color wheel. Don't have one handy? Uh, who would?! Here, we've done the work for you.
    If you have green eyes, try out purple eye shadow shades such as lavender, violet, or amethyst. Keep the color sheer so it won't look garish. For eyeliner, a deep plum is perfect.

    If you have blue eyes, go for a warm copper, burnished gold, or rich brown eye shadow. Chocolate is an excellent shade choice for eyeliner.

    If you have brown eyes, opt for cool blue or green eye shadow tones like mint, powder blue, or teal. A deep forest green is an ideal eyeliner shade.

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