Invasion Of The Brain Snatchers

    One explanation for the disease known as liberalism is that . . .

    Aliens snatched the likes of Nancy Pelosevich, Rachel Madcow, Dingy Harry and the rest of their ilk, and brought them to the planet Imbecilia. The aliens sucked out all of their brains and injected each of their empty skulls with soil from Imbecilia called the mud of stupidity. Now, the dark sith lord of Imbecilia (Obama) has sent Pelosevich's pinchers and the rest of his minions to the United States to suck out all of the brains of its citizens, replace their brains with the mud of stupidity, and force zombiecare on all of the citizens.
    Now, we intelligent, freedom-loving, Bible-reading, gun-toting Americans are fighting alongside Saracuda to stop and destroy the evil and stupidity known as liberalism.

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