Obama's Disgraceful Response to the Ft. Hood Shootings

    President Obama has the ability to be eloquent when he wants to, and he DID NOT display eloquence during his press conference. He displayed NO COMPASSION and NO SYMPATHY for the injured soldiers and the murdered soldiers and their families. This incident called for our president to respond properly. He did not. Our Dear Leader did not display any emotions of shock or horror in response to this horrific incident. Our president disgusts me so much. Hasan, the shooter, screamed "Allah Akbar" which means "Allah is great" and "God is Great." Hasan is a Muslim. This is plain and simple. This was an act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM. There is no denying that fact. The MSM is trying to spin this act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM as an incident that occurred due to PTSD. He did NOT have PTSD. He had NOT served overseas. Hasan was honoring Allah and his Muslim religion. This Muslim religion is NOT the religion of peace. This was an act of Domestic Terrorism and Obama failed to call this sickening act for what it really was. Is this further evidence of what Obama's true religion is? With each waking day, Obama continuously attacks Christian beliefs and the morality related to the faith, displays such a detached and inadequate response to acts of Muslim terrorism committed against our soldiers, and dithers on making a decision on whether or not to send more troops to Afghanistan. These examples are further proof that Obama is NO CHRISTIAN. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the soldiers and families effected by this tragedy that was perpetrated at Ft. Hood Texas yesterday.

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