A Rant on Health Care & Mike Pence Speech (video)

    Can the government really take care of our health care and plan our lives better than we as individuals can? What right does our government according to the constitution have to force any American to buy health insurance? No. Government has NO RIGHT!!  These Democrat thieves have NO FREAKING RIGHT!!! This administration makes me SICK!  Government has utterly no clue about health care. Goverrment has no clue about running any of the social programs. These stupid Democrats seem to think so even though all of their social programs have gone to pot. This is evidenced by the fact that ALL of the social programs that they have implemented since the time of FDR are ALL extremely close to bankruptcy. WTF??? We have some stupid people out there that think the government can do things better than the free market, when this has already been proven to be false. The government is keeping these people stupid on purpose. We must continue spreading the TRUTH and save our health care system from being destroyed like all the other programs that the Democrats have gotten their hands on. We must continue to fight to save our freedom and liberty! Here is Mike Pence fighting to keep our freedom and liberty.

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