My Rant on Health Care & Morality

    This health care bill passing cloture last night is an utter disgrace to the American people. These Democratic politicians are giving every American citizen the middle finger by not giving a flying F***K what the majority of American people would want with regards to health care reform. This health care bill, if it passes the senate, will be the destruction of Amercans freedom as we know it today. This bill is tyranny being forced upon American citizens. This bill will raise costs, force health care to be rationed, eliminate competition, and force insurance companies out of business. This bill will utterly destroy our health care system. This bill will destroy our economy. This bill has nothing to do with health care at all. This bill has everything to do with stripping the American people of freedom and liberty. This bill is all about the Democrats gaining power and control over the American people.

    All of these communists are following their Dear Leader of tyranny. These communist pigs must be booted from office in 2010. They obviously don't give a rat's ass about the American people. They are a bunch of selfish bastages.

    Anyone that supports this bill needs to sent to either Venezuela, or Cuba to fully experience the "benefits" of communism with equal dismal health care to experience being equally financially poor. These people think that profits are evil. If they believe that profits are evil then they should give all of their profits up. Everyone that earns money is in a real sense earning a profit. If anyone wants a raise then they want to reap the benefits of making a profit. If you really do see profits as evil, than forfeit all your rights to profit. The people that think profits are evil will not apply that same principle to themselves. So, these people are a bunch of damn hypocrites.

    Because of this liberal and/or communist infiltration into our society, we as a society have fallen away from God given principles and values. We need to return to these Godly principles and values so that our country will be saved from this attack on morality. These communists have infiltrated into our public schools and into our government and have made it crystal cle that they want no mention of God, period. Sure, anyone is allowed to say Allah and are not offended even though violent Jihadist extremists have killed over 3000 innocent Americans. People at the highest levels want to cover up for the Ft. Hood tragedy which was an act of terrorism. They distort Christanity and portray it as an evil when it is those very people that are evil. They just don't want to face reality and the truth. They spread hateful lies about Christianity. These secularists in our society must be stopped. Our Christiann principles must be spread far and wide. Let people hear the word of God all over this country. We must not be intimidated by the people who want to restrict our right to freedom of religion. These secularists want to distort our constitution and portray the words as freedom from religion instead of the actual words in the constitution, freedom of religion. This is false. We must spread the values that our in constitution far and wide. Let them see our Godly actions. This is the time to take a stand for morality and against the secularists in our society today. Let us promote individualism, freedom, liberty, and Godly values all across this land. God Bless America!!Source URL:
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