Obama & Holder: Do They Hate America or Do They REALLY Hate America?


    Eric Holder, President Obama, and all the officials in the Obama administration decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other terrorists in a New York courtroom is unconscionable!!!!! This is pure political malice. But, do any of these bastards have a conscience? It seems NOT. Obama, Eric Holder, and the members of the Obama administration only want to create a show trial against the Bush administration. It is clearer to me than ever that ALL of these people HATE AMERICA!!

    The Obama administration is treating these terrorists as if they are merely common criminals that were taken off the streets of in the United States. These terrorists were not picked up off of any of our streets but rather captured overseas in the midst of a WAR. These killers are terrorists. These terrorists are co-conspirators in the 9/11 attacks and declared war upon us. We have vowed to "Never Forget" 9/11. It seems as though that this current administration has forgotten about 9/11- One of the greatest tragedies in our nation's history. Our brave military men and women captured these terrorists while fighting a war overseas. We are still at War. Or, has this administration forgotten that? Maybe, since Obama and his cronies continue to dither while our heroes keep on waiting for an answer to General McCrhystal's request for additional troops. This adminstration continues to undermine the war effort, as they did during the Bush presidency. Obama, Eric Holder, and officials in the Obama administration are so anti-military, its unbelievable. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the four other terrorists need to be tried properly - in front of a military tribunal. All of these leftist, progressive, commies undermined the Bush administration's efforts to enact justice on these terrorists. But, the terrorists even want to plead guilty in front of a military commision. So, why are you going to make this into a circus freak show and complicate matters when there is a very simple solution. Mr. President, if you cared about this country at all, you would let the terrorists plead guilty in front of a military commission, and then have them executed in a timely manner instead of dragging this process on for years.

    I am pissed... So, outraged.... This commander-in-chief makes me utterly sick.... This decision to hold trials in NY for the mastermind of 9/11 and four other terrorisists is outrageous!! And, one more time, I will say that this decision is unconscionable!!! We need to stop this tragedy from happening. Protest, protest, protest. Let these America haters hear us loud and clear! We will not let you disparage and disgrace this country. We must fight to keep our nation's honor.

    God Bless America!!!!!

    STOP Obama administration America Haters!!

    STOP Eric Holder, America Hater!!

    STOP Obama, America Hater!! He is the Obamanation of America!!

    To stop this travesty from occurring, here is a link to sign a petition to stop these trials from happening in New York. http://www.thebravest.com/

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