Justin Bieber shocks his fans cut off his hair

     Justin Bieber shave off his signature shag? The singer stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for a trim, and ended up … bald? “Yeah it’s great, [the girls] will just focus on my beautiful silky smooth lyrics,” Justin joked after his new look had been revealed. Calm down Beliebers. Turns out the close shave was all a stunt — JBiebs beautiful hair is still fully intact!
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    Justin Bieber was spotted strolling hand in hand with his maybe-girlfriend Selena Gomez in Santa Monica, California. Though Gomez attended Biebs’ premiere on Tuesday evening, the two kept their distance on the red carpet. When asked why by E! Online, Justin replied that he was riding solo because he “wanted [tonight] to be about me and my movie.”
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