Rihanna Welcoming Katy Perry To The Illuminati

    “Illuminati want my mind, soul and body Secret society, tryin’ to keep they eye on me” – Illuminati Prodigy
    “Make me King, as we move forward to a new world order” – Lose Yourself Eminem
    All of these conspiracy theories really started with Robert Johnson, a blues musician back in the 30s who believed to have sold his soul to the Devil in order to become a famous star. Since then some people started believeing that there was some kind of evil deity involved in the music industry.

    This commercial intended for German television has it all: checkerboard patterns everywhere, transhumanism, deshumanization, mind control, alter-personalities, Marilyn Monroe (the original Monarch sex kitten), the colors white, black and red, etc.
    “We love to entertain you”. In other words, this is the kind the stuff that is supposed to entertain you.

    MTV.com published an article about the ad and here’s an excerpt:

    “Katy Perry comes to life, channeling a futuristic Marilyn Monroe in a red dress that mimics the iconic white one in “The Seven Year Itch.” The singer then transforms into a 1960s housewife with a polka-dot geometric dress. But with a blink of an eye, that look is gone in favor of a superhero-gone-sex-kitten look. Riding a flaring rocket that floats before a building window, Perry shoots into the city lights before doing her spokesperson drop: “We love to entertain you.”Source URL: http://outlawrepublican.blogspot.com/2011/02/rihanna-welcoming-katy-perry-to.html
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