The Kicker of St. John's Wood by Gary Wolf -- A Review by Teresa Rice

    I am reviewing a book called, The Kicker of St. John's Wood. The author of the book is Gary Wolf he had this book published by iUniverse. The Kicker of St. John's Wood consists of ten chapters and 208 pages. As the author states in the blurb on the back cover of the book:

    "This is a story of America in the year 2020: Fractured socially and politically, its enemies are gaining ground and its civil liberties are threatened like never before.

    Jayesh Blackstone, a professional football player, finds himself at the focal point of an historic experiment: a woman is going to play in a football game, and it will happen in the Super Bowl. It turns out that this is just a foretaste of the metamorphosis that is taking shape. The very same event is the venue for an announcement by world leaders of a new order, one that defines humanity exclusively in terms of race and gender."

    The Kicker of St. John's Wood, is a most captivating novel which at times reads like a satirical romance and at other times like a fast-paced spy thriller. The picture on the front cover in an abrupt fashion illustrates the absurdity of political correctness and how it is being thrust upon the American people. But, this novel is about much more than political correctness running amok. It is about Anti-Americanism being cloaked as political correctness, threatening one of America's favorite pastimes -- football. But, it is also about Anti-Americanism threatening and undermining American values, American way of life, and the very foundation of this country both internally and externally. One of the conflicts presented in the novel is that Jayesh, the kicker, has to come to grips with the reality that for the first time in the history of football a woman will be holding the football, while he kicks the football all in the name of gender equality. I don't want to give away too much, but I can tell you this: that is only the beginning. Its a page turner from there. The ending has me craving for more and it leaves open great possibilities for new and exciting adventures in the future. This novel, while a complete and satisfying story in itself, could serve as the prelude to a much larger and even more satisfying work, much as J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit was both a stand-alone novel and the prelude to The Lord of The Rings. I highly recommend that everyone read Gary Wolf's book, The Kicker of St. John's Wood. Please check out his other books at his website as well.Source URL:
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