Shooting Up Heroine For Dummies

    Alright, so now New York City is handing out what I would call a Heroine For Dummies pamphlet. Its a guide for users of the drug heroine on how to use the illegal drug "safely." WTF?!? I would love to know who the hell thinks of this stuff. There is no such thing as safe heroine and safe heroine use. This is ridiculous! We should not be enabling the continued use of illegal drugs. We should not be helping drug users to continue with their drug addiction. This how to guide on injecting heroine safely is utterly ludicrous. We should not be encouraging the continued use of illegal drugs. Heroine is an extremely harmful drug and we should not be incentivizing drug users to continue with its use.

    Special Note: As I was writing this the drug safety pamphlet was taken down from New York City's website.

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