Remembering The March For Life -- Abortion is Murder Part 1

    I have very fond memories of attending the March For Life. I always enjoyed attending the March and loved the opportunity to express my voice of discontent and outrage to a government that legalized the murder of innocent human beings. I started attending the March For Life with my Mom when I was in 7th grade and continued to go through high school, rode on a bus starting at midnight from Steubenville in college, and even attended a March for Life with my husband after returning to Maryland. This is one of my passions. I know that the unborn baby is alive and killing the baby is murder. But, out of selfishness our government promotes the killing of vulnerable unborn babies out of a so-called "choice." Our government has given into the devil. Any government that allows the murder of innocent unborn babies is EVIL and promoting EVIL and allowing EVIL to happen. We must stop this INFANTICIDE!!!! We must stop future generations from being murdered. We must keep on fighting the good fight against this evil government that authorizes and promotes the new slavery- ABORTION. We must continue to speak up and fight so that Roe vs. Wade is overturned. I wasn't able to go on the March for Life because of college classes but I did attend the Virtual March for life and find these video for you to see. This is the first of two posts on abortion and the March for Life.

    Here are examples of two different ways abortions are performed:

    Fr. Frank Pavone explains a suction abortion

    Dismemberment Abortion

    Let us continue to fight to stop abortion. 
    ABORTION IS MURDER!!!!!!!!Source URL:
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