My Rant on The Radical Obama Administration

    The Obama White House is filled with a number of radicals and just to name a few, examples include Cass Sunstein, Kevin Jennings, and HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Obama has strategically placed radicals in his administration. Are the Czars in place for a government takeover? Are the Czars in place to force tyranny upon citizens? Is this just the tip of the iceberg of Obama remaking America?
    Obama's lies and deception have become apparent recently with the revelation of yet another broken promise from the Obama campaign trail. Obama promised eight separate times to the American people during his campaign that he would televise health care negotiations on C-Span. And, Obama has finally agreed that one whole hour (Oh! Gee... Golly! Yeah! sarcasm) of the end of negotiations will be aired on C-Span. This is not broadcasting the whole debate on C-Span as he promised. The Obama administration has attacked free speech with the "fishy" emails request and outright attacking the one news channel that is critical of Obama and his administration- Fox News. The Obama administration has been about as transparent as a brick wall.

    The Obama administration comports themselves as if they are living in a quasi reality using euphamisms like "overseas contingency operation" instead of war on terror. Obama and Company is extending more rights to the terrorists than they are obligated to by International law. Obama and Holder in a cult of cultural imperalism are extending their arms openly and are aiding terrorists by allowing them the priviledge of an American trial, an American jury, Miranda rights that don't apply to terrorists captured on a foreign battlefield.
    Liberals demonize the elderly for attending Town Hall meetings, and other conservatives attending Tea Parties who want smaller government. Obama made a swift wrong-headed judgment against a police officer who was merely doing his job, and showed a delayed reaction and a lack of prudential judgement in his awful response to the underwear bomber's attempt to blow up a plane with 300 innocent lives aboard.
    Obama claimed that his administration was going to be different than all the past presidential administrations. He was going to bridge the great divide between the right and left across our country but his administration has divided this country further and basically proclaimed a "fatwa" against any person, company, or organization that disagrees with with his policies and oesn't fall lock in step behind the Obama administration like good little Obamabots.
    Obama plays the role of today's Robin Hood, stealing money from the rich and spreading the wealth to Unions, liberal corporations like GE, expanding the government at an unprecedented rate, and just maybe they'll be some money left over for the poor and needy in our society.
    Barack Obama is NOT just another President. He is the worst of the worst. Obama is the most corrupt President in the history of the United States. Please, wake up people, those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. I fear history may be repeating itself now. Obama is the Radical-in-Chief.Source URL:
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