My New Year's Thoughts

    I have started reading an excellent book called, It's Your Time by Joel Osteen which has a very positive message. One message from the book says, don't let tough times get you down because you never know what great things that God has in store for you in the future. This morning I have been pondering about both the past, present and future. During my life I have never let the fact that I am blind in one eye stop me, or at least tried not to let it stop me. These past couple years have been rough for me because of me having endometriosis, being unemployed because of dealing with extreme pain, but also the past has posed challenges for me in both the workplace and schooling with regards to me being blind in one eye. I have vowed in my life that I wouldn't let the inability to see with more than one eye affect me in any way. But, I think that it has affected in some ways. I have noticed that office politics in the workplace and the fact that I read slower than others have affected the jobs I have gotten and been able to keep or not keep. I agree with both of Jerry Agar's articles, 10 Ways Government Hurts the Poor and 10 Ways Profits Help The Poor. I have had people in my neighborhood suggest to me to take advantage of the system or the government. Well, I wasn't raised to believe that that is acceptable. It is not acceptable. Our government does not exist for me or any other person to take advantage of it. In fact, it seems to me the our government seems to suck you in like a leech which usually makes you reliant and beholden to it for a long while. I want to be able to make it in life without having to rely on the goverment. In college now, I am gaining the tools to better myself and be able to do that in a much better fashion than in the past. In the meantime I would love it if I could find a job in journalism or something similar. A part-time office job would be great, also. I am thinking positive, that God will lead me to find a great sit-down job. By-sit down I am talking about not having to work retail or fast food and having to stand for 6-8 hours in a day. In thinking of New Years resolution & wishes I am going to working my hardest to find a great sit down job, work hard to get excellent grades in college, want to finish a project I have been working on, and publish it so that I am able to help young women with healthy dating practices, finding a better apartment, and praying, thinking positive that this year will be the year that I start my scroll saw or woodworking business, and hoping and thinking positive thoughts that God's healing touch will come upon me and heal my endometriosis. Source URL:
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